Group Critical Illness Cover

With Group Critical Illness Cover your concerns can largely be minimised.

A Health Issue – Group Critical Illness Cover

Does your workforce have a high percentage of ageing employees, or does your sector have a propensity for elevated risk factors such as stress, frequent travel or prolonged periods of physical activity? If so, your growing concern is probably for their health – luckily, with Group Critical Illness Cover your concerns can largely be diminished.

Taking out a protection policy such as Group Critical Illness cover, is akin to providing a ‘living benefit’ for your employees; a reassurance of financial help if they suffer critical illness whilst under your employment, such as cancer, a stroke, heart disease or other condition as listed in the policy.


How we can help

In the event of a claim, the lump sum payable has the potential to help your employee return to work when the time is right, without the stress of financial considerations being the driving force. It can also help pay the cost of their treatment, nursing or re-cooperative care, help towards adaptations to their home or any other financial commitments that they may have.

The benefits to employer and employee are compelling and include:

  • Increased loyalty: A valued workforce improves staff retention
  • Enhanced relations: Critical Illness cover is considered a high value benefit
  • Returners to work: Funding aids recovery, helping the employee back to work
  • Reduces worry: Financial support helps to alleviate stress
  • Cost effective: Group cover is usually cheaper than individual cover (on a cost per head basis)
  • Tax advantages: Benefits are tax free
  • Flexible choice: Different levels of cover are available to suit your budget
  • A differentiator: Stands your business apart from your competitors
  • Optional cover: For your employee’s spouse or children

If you would like further information and details regarding the best Group Critical Illness policy for your business please contact us.

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