Private Medical Insurance

Impact Your Bottom Line

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) can pay dividends to your business, not least, reduced sick-leave and increased productivity amongst your staff.

Not convinced? It is a statistically proven fact that in general, staff are working longer hours, often in stressful conditions. Then there’s the ‘ageing population’ issue.

Even if you are an SME, perhaps even more so, investing in the right PMI goes a long way to ensuring that everyone is working to their maximum potential to the benefit of your bottom line.

If you have arranged your PMI directly with an insurer, or if you already have an adviser in place, we highly recommend a non-obligatory discussion with our team. This will give you an opportunity to see whether there is a better or more applicable policy available within the market and particularly, whether we can help you save costs.

Many businesses are seeking our advice for ways in which they can reduce costs or at the very least, avoid any further cost escalation without weakening the quality of the policy.

Regardless of whether you already have an adviser, prefer to deal direct, or have just renewed your policy, our team is perfectly positioned to provide an unbiased and informal review of your needs.


How we can help

An initial review may include discussing the details of your scheme, including the following:

  • The number of staff covered by your scheme
  • Your current insurer and renewal date
  • Your overall objectives and budget
  • Any other employee benefit schemes that you may be running
  • The cost of cover and excess fees
  • Any claims made to date

From this review, we can discuss ways to lower your costs, including a comparison between your policy and the policies of other providers, many of whom offer exclusive preferential rates for our clients.

 Helping you to lower your PMI costs may include:

  • Increasing excess fee
  • Removing secondary cover where possible
  • Reducing breadth of cover
  • Evaluating options
  • Changing to an insurer  with keener rates

From this, subject to your approval we:

  • Implement agreed solution
  • Provide on-going monitoring and support

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