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Conscientious employers are increasingly looking to health and wellbeing programs to ensure their workforce have the opportunity to feel – and perform – to the best of their ability.

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Health & wellbeing

The reality of actually implementing such programs can sometimes feel more difficult than they should. This is where Broadstone comes in – we have experienced health and wellbeing benefit consultants available to advise and help with designing and implementing health and wellbeing benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Possibly more than any other area of employee benefits, health and wellbeing programs need to be tailor made for the demographic and work / life environment that your staff fulfill.

The best health and wellbeing schemes are the ones where each benefit compliments the overall range of benefits – more of a skill than you might think. Offering gym membership is a good way for people to physically improve their health, but what about their ability to unwind and relax? This is where mindfulness activities can come into play – but what is appropriate for your specific staff? And what does mindfulness actually cover anyway!


How we can help

Before committing to any new benefits, we’ll conduct a full audit of what you currently have ( or don’t have ) in place, and help you work towards a scheme which ticks all the boxes. This doesn’t mean you’ll be paying more necessarily. With our in depth market knowledge we can often secure better rates then you might be able to access or be aware of.

Luckily, the number of options available are plentiful, and with some understanding of your needs, we can put a program together that will be engaging and rewarding for your employees, as well as reaping benefits for you as an employer.
If you would like more information on how we can help, whether it’s starting a new scheme, or you would like a free audit of your existing scheme, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Broadstone is a team of experts who are passionate about the ever-changing world of pensions and benefits. As such, they have hundreds and thousands of ideas, views and events to share with you to meet your business needs. Our business believes and promotes a people first culture, both internally and to you, our clients.

We believe in our core values and the culture they deliver. We know that when we all work as a team and combine our vast reservoir of expertise and knowledge, we will deliver results to our clients, maintaining the personal touch that can be so often missing in today’s business world.

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