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Introducing Flexcel by Broadstone

Flexcel is an engagement and communication platform which houses all your employee benefits in one place with the aim of supporting your staff recruitment, retention and motivation strategies.


Drive engagement by ensuring employees get 24/7 access to their personal benefits and the ability to tailor their total reward package to meet their needs.


Core benefits, such as a pension or life insurance, can support your employees with saving for their future whilst providing protection for their families in difficult times.


Flexcel provides Total Reward Statements (TRS), which are used to demonstrate to employees the true value of the pay and reward package available to them.

Flexcel gives your staff access to their benefits 24/7!

What Flexcel can do for your business

As an employer, we know that you want three key things from your benefits platform – less manual processing, less risk of making a mistake and greater control. With Flexcel you get all of this in abundance.

  • Improve engagement
  • Better communication
  • Create community
  • Inform decisions
  • Support workload
  • Reduce risk
  • Control cost
  • Support employees

Employee benefits tailored to your organisational objectives whilst improving your employees emotional, physical and financial wellbeing.

What will you get with Flexcel?

Engaged workforce

Flexcel provides your employees with greater visibility, control and understanding of their benefits, encouraging them to make choices to suit their personal circumstances. As your employees better understand the benefits being provided, and making choices that mean something to them and their families, they will increasingly value the quality of the overall benefits package you provide.

We live in a culture where everything is available 24/7. Why should your employee benefits offering be any different? Flexcel is simple and intuitive and your staff can access it wherever they are – at work, at home or on the move.

Employee communication

Flexcel helps you communicate with staff and teams on a personal level. You can send targeted communications that are relevant to staff and therefore help employees better engage with their benefits. You can also ask for employee feedback and create a community where your staff feel that their opinions matter and are taken into consideration.

Core benefits

Core benefits, such as a pension and life insurance, support your employees and their families with financial planning and can also provide financial protection should the worst happen. Any changes employees make to contributions or levels of cover are processed electronically as Flexcel integrates seamlessly with your payroll systems and benefit providers.

Voluntary benefits

Voluntary benefits such as holiday buy/sell, cycle to work, technology (phones, tablets, and wearables), and will writing help employee’s salaries to go further and support work-life balance initiatives. Flexcel simplifies the administration of voluntary benefits. You receive a list of the benefits your employees have applied for detailing the deduction period and overall cost.

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