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Is Greenwashing a good thing? Bear with me…

Coined back in the 1980s, “greenwashing” is a term referring to companies claiming to be eco-conscious—so as to impress buyers—but not really being so. An example would be where a company claims to sell organic...

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Fiduciary Manager re-tenders – driving manager changes or just fee reductions?

With the initial compulsory fiduciary manager retender exercises now complete, we look back at the cases we’ve advised on over 2021 to see what the common themes were. Did many of these exercises result in a ch...

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Rising UK inflation

UK inflation in November continued to print at elevated levels. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show the annual rate of increase of the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rising from 4.2% in October t...

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ESG investing – align value with values

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) investing is often described as having your cake and eating it. ESG strategies, so we are told, promote the greater good and provide superior long-term financial per...

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From the E to the S to the G – why is it here, what is it and how does it affect me?

Read on if: You a member of a pension scheme. You have already heard of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) or especially if you haven’t. You would like to know more about ESG in layman’s terms. Why i...

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Cashflow Driven Investing: Taking animal spirits out of the funding plan

Cashflow Driven Investing (CDI) is an investment approach that helps defined benefit pension schemes with their funding efforts and can increase their likelihood of continuing to meet both their future cashflow...

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DB scheme sponsors must prepare for the new funding regime – sooner rather than later

The funding regime for Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes is changing and there are significant implications for the sponsors of those schemes. Make sure you engage with your trustees at an early stage to avo...


Would a superfund be a “super” solution for your DB scheme?

Funding DB schemes is becoming ever more challenging Many employers with a defined benefit (DB) workplace pension scheme struggle to cope with the connected funding costs. Where the employer has chosen to maint...

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Coping with the new (ab)normals

In this surreal and unsettling world dominated by changes to cope with COVID-19, the term “new normal” has gained common usage. In so many ways the norms around the way the world operated before the virus struc...

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