Leaving Service - What Happens Next to your pension?

In today’s workplace, the days of a job for life are long since over. Many people will change jobs ten to fifteen times during their working careers. Their workplace pension can become a casualty of these frequent changes, with pension arrangements being made and removed on leaving the employer.
Most of the UK’s leading pension providers follow a standardised process which ensures that the former employee retains their benefits and ceases the pension relationship between themselves and their former employer. At the time of leaving service with their current employer, employees will receive a leaving service pack which will confirm their options and most likely include a direct debit instruction to continue contributing to their pension personally.

The pension plan is converted by the provider into an individualised arrangement, and once this change has been made both the employer and their engaged financial adviser, both cease any liability or obligation to provide assistance to the former employee. Starting a new job will most likely result in an additional pension being set up for the employee by their new employer. The employee can then choose to transfer the existing plan into their new arrangement or continue with two (or more) plans. This can create administration issues both during employment and at retirement.
Employee awareness and understanding is therefore vital to this process and it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the employee knows what comes next.

Robert Simmons

Corporate Pensions Administrator