Workplace Pensions Solutions

The workplace pension landscape has changed dramatically over recent years.  The new freedoms introduced in April 2015 have transformed the market again and are prompting employers to reviewing their existing pension provision to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.

Broadstone can explain and help you to navigate the changes.

How we support employers:

Our experienced Regulated Pensions team provides comprehensive group pension advice and services – starting with the initial design (or review) through to implementation and ongoing services.  We also provide advice on pension aspects arising as a result of business mergers, acquisitions, and TUPE, restructuring and managing pension change and effective employee communications to achieve a positive employee relations impact.

Our clients range from newly established UK companies (often with an overseas parent) through SMEs to large established employers with thousands of staff located throughout the UK.  

Specialist units within our Pensions team provide employers with specific technical advice and assistance that may be tailored to suit their specific requirements and budget:


Broadstone has already helped hundreds of employers to understand the options, costs and implications of automatic enrolment and form a workable strategy, as well as project management through to successful staging and beyond.

In summary, for companies that have already staged we can:

  • Review/audit your automatic enrolment pension and processes to check that you comply with the legislation 
  • Carry out remedial work to get you back on track if you are in breach of the regulations
  • Review your automatic enrolment process to improve time/cost efficacy
  • Review your existing group pension provision to ensure that it remains competitive and fit for purpose
  • Take over your existing pension/refine processes and provide more effective ongoing services
  • Provide solutions and resolve ongoing issues with your pension provider/payroll supplier
  • Carry out employee communication exercises to ensure that you extract value for your pension expenditure

For companies that have not yet staged we can:

  • Explain the options, costs and administration implications for your organisation
  • Source a suitable automatic enrolment pension (group pension market review)
  • Help you to form a viable pension design / and workable automatic enrolment strategy
  • Give you an automatic enrolment administration tool to ease administration and employee communications
  • Produce a tailored Project Plan and manage your project from start to finish to ensure that it stays on track 
  • Draft suitable employee communications materials and hold on site employee presentations
  • Provide ongoing advice and services to ensure your pension /automatic enrolment process run smoothly

For an exploratory discussion or to arrange a meeting please e-mail:

Stephen Hackett:

How is Automatic Enrolment affecting companies?

We can help with pension design, pension provider selection, implementation, employee communications, and the provision of ongoing services.  In summary, we can provide:

  • Pension design 
  • Automatic enrolment advice and services
  • Existing group pension/market reviews
  • Automatic enrolment review/audit and remedial work
  • Governance
  • Employee communications programmes (tailored)
  • Ongoing pension services
  • Specialist technical advice
  • Pension change projects (post-merger/acquisition/TUPE)

For further information, please contact:

Stephen Hackett:

Although you may be providing your executives and key employees with a generous pension and other benefits that work well on a corporate level, it may be that high earning employees need more specific tailored advice on an individual basis.

We can provide services ranging from light touch ‘lunch and learn’ sessions on Annual and Lifetime Allowances and workshops on how to assess their historic pension benefit, right through to individual retirement planning and, ultimately, ‘at retirement’ advice and services.

These services can be Company or employee funded or a mixture of both - with the presentation/lunch and learn sessions for pension governance requirements on education and communication funded by the employer with individuals funding their own ‘at retirement’ advice and services.  These services provide useful tools for the employer to engage, recruit and hold onto their key appointments and assist with internal succession planning.

If you would like to explore these services in more detail please contact:


Stephen Hackett:
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This unit was set up to fulfil the basic pension and automatic enrolment needs of smaller employers or larger companies with a limited budget.  Our specialist experienced team ‘hand-holds’ employers through the automatic enrolment process and provides advice and ongoing pension services.  We can source a suitable pension, set it up, establish the automatic enrolment process and manage ongoing services – enabling you to get on with your usual business.

For further information, please contact:

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